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When I picked up my new iPod nano, I wanted to get the best case for it. Something strong but not that it would be bulky or heavy to carry around. I noticed the iPod nano case from ReCover Revive series. Their package grabbed my attention in that they were promoting the environment with everything to the iPod nano down to the packaging.

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Adobe has turned it’s attention back to the animators and designers with the release of Flash CS4. There is good evidence that Flash CS3 primarily focused on improving the Flash for developers.

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ShadesCases Inc. releases Shades Cases for the new iPod touch 2G & iPod nano 4G The new cases are now available to purchase online at, starting at $14.95 for the nano 4G cases and $16.95 for the Touch 2G cases.

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Bento 2 is the latest consumer database application to help keep your personal information organized and easily accessible. Keep track of upcoming events, manage your financial records and a variety of other content. Here is what I discovered about FileMaker’s Bento 2.

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Adobe announced the immediate availability of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 product family. Delivering radical breakthroughs in workflow efficiency – and packed with hundreds of innovative, time saving features – the new Creative Suite 4 product line advances the creative process across print, Web, interactive, film, video and mobile.

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Apple iPhone 3G is a wonderful all-around mobile device but it will be nothing more than an expensive paperweight if you don
’t provide the best protection for it. There are many products to choose from but one that stood out was the OtterBox case for the iPhone 3G.

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